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Maintaining your privacy while renting

When you rent a home in Maryland, there are some rights that you have as a tenant. You should be able to live in a peaceful environment without the fear of someone causing trouble or invading your privacy. Your landlord has rights to the property too, but they might not be able to enter your home anytime they want.

Allowing permission

As a component of your tenants’ rights, your landlord can usually only enter the property if you give permission. Keep in mind that some landlords want to inspect the property during the year, but this doesn’t mean that they can simply open the door and walk into your home. If your landlord tries to talk you into allowing entry several times a month, then it could be considered harassment.


At times, a landlord might need to enter your home if there’s a true emergency. An example would be if there is a clear sign of smoke or fire from your home and you’re not there to let the landlord inside. The landlord would then be able to enter the premises in order to ensure that no one is inside and to get the help needed to have the fire put out.

Showing the property

Another time when your landlord can enter your home is if the property is being shown to another renter or a buyer. Most of the time, you can make an arrangement with your landlord so that you’re not home when this happens.

If you feel that your privacy has been violated while renting a home, then contact a tenants’ rights attorney. Your attorney may be able to gather evidence about the situation and present it to a court of law to determine if your rights as a tenant aren’t being upheld.