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Standing Up For Consumers’ Rights In Baltimore And Beyond

Consumers drive the economy. The money we pay for everyday purchases is the fuel that keeps our country’s financial engine running. Unfortunately, there are certain corporations that seek to cheat consumers, cut corners and charge improper fees. When that happens, we all lose.

Decades Of Collective Legal Experience

If you have been treated dishonestly by a landlord, credit reporting company or corporation, turn to Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC. Our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience in a diverse range of fields that we put to work for you. We are the passionate advocates you need to hold these individuals or businesses accountable – and win your case.

Take the first step toward getting the justice you deserve when you call our Baltimore office at 443-782-5596 or email us today.

Equipped To Handle A Variety Of Cases

Although our attorneys have different skill sets and legal backgrounds, they share a common goal – using the law to protect your rights. When we represent you, we make your concerns our priority. We will not back down from a challenge no matter how intricate your case is or how imposing the other side is.

We are ready to challenge unethical entities that have ripped off consumers through illegal landlord actions, bad credit reporting and other bad acts.

We are equipped to handle a variety of consumer rights matters, including:

  • Tenants’ rights regarding being forced to live with rodents, pests, bedbugs or sewage, threats of illegal eviction, illegal rent collection and other matters
  • Credit reporting mistakes
  • Class action lawsuits against corporate landlords, credit reporting agencies and other corporate entities.

The corporations that are responsible for consumer fraud take different forms, but their tactics are similar. They may deceive, threaten, ignore and harass consumers to pad their profits and avoid accountability.

Our lawyers are familiar with their unlawful strategies and won’t let the parties get away with it. Our legal team is qualified to pursue legal action against landlords, credit reporting agencies and other corporate entities in Maryland.

We will not stop until we have obtained a favorable result for your situation.

We Are Here For You. Contact Us Today.

Learn more about your legal options during a private consultation at our Towson-based firm. Use our online form or call 443-782-5596 to get in touch with caring legal professional at our firm.