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Taking Action When Landlords Fail To Provide Basic Services

When you come home, you expect a safe and comfortable environment. Unfortunately, not all landlords uphold their end of the bargain. Their negligence can leave you to struggle with problems that go beyond minor inconveniences. In Maryland, tenants like you have rights, especially when the issue is as severe as a failure to provide basic services, including proper sanitation and heating.

At Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC, we understand the stress and frustration that come with living in uninhabitable conditions. Our team has a comprehensive background in asserting tenants’ rights throughout the state. Our attorneys use combined decades of experience to advocate for our clients’ welfare.

Advocates For Your Well-Being And Comfort

Your home should be your sanctuary, but issues like rodent infestations, roaches, mice and bedbugs can turn it into a source of constant anxiety. In the winter months, the lack of heat can make your living space not just uncomfortable but dangerously cold. Unsafe living conditions are not just a nuisance. They’re a violation of your tenant rights.

Our team is ready and equipped to help you hold liable landlords accountable. Our lawyers have successfully represented clients in situations similar to yours. We understand the laws that protect you, and we’re here to enforce them.

What To Know About The Warrant Of Habitability

Maryland’s warranty of habitability is a promise from your landlord that your apartment will be fit to live in. When you’re faced with unsanitary conditions like sewage problems or a rat infestation, that warranty is broken.

Our attorneys are strong negotiators and aggressive in pursuing the satisfying outcomes you deserve. We’re comfortable with these difficult conversations, and we know how to pinpoint weaknesses in a landlord’s defense.

Reach Out For The Help You Need

If you’re struggling with a landlord who has failed to provide basic services, don’t wait.

Contact a legal professional at Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC, via our online form or by calling our Baltimore office at 443-782-5596 today.