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Is your landlord retaliating because you exercised your rights?

A landlord has certain obligations to tenants under Maryland law and must fulfill those responsibilities.

As a tenant, you have rights. You protested the failure of your landlord to keep his part of your rental agreement. What happens if he tries to retaliate against you?

Understanding basic necessities

In renting an apartment, you have the right to expect heat, electric lights that work, running water and an environment free of roaches and other pests. If there is a structural problem, your landlord should ensure your safety by making any necessary repairs.

Making a complaint

The railing along the stairs leading to the second floor of your unit is dangerously wobbly. As required, you submitted a request for repair to the landlord along with a complaint about roaches in the kitchen. All you have seen from the landlord is a note indicating that management is about to discontinue the valet trash pickup at your door.

Retaliating against tenants

Maryland Landlord Tenant Law, Title 8 of the Maryland Real Property Code, prohibits your landlord from taking retaliatory measures against you when you issue a complaint about your living conditions. He cannot decrease any services to you as a tenant or increase your rent arbitrarily. Moreover, he cannot terminate your rental agreement or evict you because of your complaint. According to the law, you have properly informed your landlord about conditions that are “a substantial threat to the health or safety of occupants.”

Taking the matter to court

The wobbly railing is unsafe. There are bugs in the kitchen. You wish to keep your valet trash service. Litigation may be the next step in protecting your rights and stopping the threat of retaliation from your landlord.