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SVO Files Suit Against Nationwide Infiniti Alleging Financing Fraud

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The lawsuit alleges the following:  When Alida McBride bought a 2015 Infinity at Nationwide Infiniti in Timonium in November 2019 she was told that a financing rate of 19.13% was the best she could get.  What Nationwide failed to tell her was that she actually qualified for a much lower interest rate, one of 11.09%.  Instead, Nationwide forged Ms. McBride’s name to a new contract at the lower interest rate and added approximately $6,000 of additional bogus charges, which Nationwide kept for itself.   By adding the additional charges but lowering the interest rate, Nationwide kept the monthly payments the same, so Ms. McBride wouldn’t know that she had been scammed.  She only became aware of the fraud when she began receiving notices from a finance company, Sun East Federal Credit Union, whose name was not on the contract she signed.  The case is McBride v. Nationwide Motor Sales Corp, Baltimore County Circuit Court, Case # C-03-CV-20-002419.

If you bought a car from Nationwide and think you may have been ripped off, SVO is happy to speak with you at no charge.