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Class Action Certified Against Blue Ocean Realty, LLC

The attorneys of Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC (“SVO”) filed a proposed class action suit in Circuit Court for Baltimore City on December 1, 2016 alleging that Blue Ocean Realty, LLC, the property management company for numerous residential properties, violated Maryland law and breached contracts by charging and/or collecting illegal fees, designated as late fees, court costs and/or agent fees. The lawsuit is seeking compensatory damages, a declaration that Blue Ocean Realty, LLC’s conduct is illegal, an injunction preventing the continuing conduct, an order that Blue Ocean Realty, LLC be required to pay back all illegal fees collected by Blue Ocean Realty, LLC, and attorneys’ fees.

Recently, the Circuit Court determined that class certification is appropriate and that the class representative and SVO could represent the following class of people:

All persons who are or were tenants in a residential rental property managed by Defendant Blue Ocean Realty, LLC in Maryland who were charged or paid fees in excess of the permissible 5% late fee allowed by Maryland law.

We want to hear from those affected by business practices of landlords/property managers.  Please contact us, if you believe you have been charged by or paid excessive fees to your landlord or property management company.