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SVO Supports Maryland’s SB1200 – The Internet Consumer Privacy Rights Act

The members of SVO sent the letter below to members of the Maryland Senate Finance Committee in support of the Internet Consumer Privacy Rights Act of 2017.  Simply put, Maryland consumers’ internet history should not be for sale.

Dear Chair Middleton and Members of the Committee,

We are writing to express our support for SB1200. Our firm has a significant consumer protection practice and we see more than our share of Marylanders subject to deceptive and unfair practices. In times where consumers’ rights are constantly under attack, SB1200 is a step in the right direction. Internet service providers should be protecting their clients’ information instead of trying to sell it and make a profit from such personal and sensitive information.

We do not see how selling personal details can benefit any consumer. In an age where almost everything is done via the internet, such as banking, research, texting, e-mail, and more and more personal information is being stored electronically, such as medical and school records, protecting your constituents’ information is vital.

We are glad to see that Maryland has the opportunity to set the tone for helping its residents rather than having personal information be subject to sale by corporations that are only seeking to make a profit.

That opportunity starts with passing SB1200.

Very truly yours,

       Jane Santoni                                       Matthew T. Vocci                                    Chelsea Ortega