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Is your carbon monoxide detector working properly?

Not having to worry about upkeep is one of the primary reasons to rent rather than purchase your own home. Consequently, you should be able to count on your landlord to maintain your rental unit. This may include occasionally inspecting your home and appliances for signs of damage or disrepair.

According to reporting from WDMV, landlords have had a legal duty to install carbon monoxide detectors in every room in rental units since April 1, 2018. These detectors, of course, are only beneficial when they are working properly.

What do carbon monoxide detectors do?

Having functioning carbon monoxide detectors in your residence is not something you or your landlord should overlook. After all, carbon monoxide poisoning can cause life-altering injuries or even death. Even worse, because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, you may not realize you have a problem without the assistance of a functioning detector.

Is your detector malfunctioning?

To be sure your carbon monoxide detector is working correctly, you should test its alarm at least once a month. With most detectors, this simply involves pushing a test button on the unit. If there is even a chance your carbon monoxide detector is malfunctioning, it may be advisable to vacate the premises until your landlord remedies the problem.

Do you need a replacement?

While it may be possible to repair a damaged or defective carbon monoxide detector, replacing faulty units is usually the way to go. Unlike some other issues that can wait, your landlord should take immediate action to address a faulty carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Ultimately, if your landlord refuses to address the problem, you may have some legal options for protecting yourself and your family members.