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Common types of illegal auto repossession

Many people in Maryland depend on an automobile for travel purposes. By having an automobile, you don’t have to schedule your life around public transportation services. Driving a vehicle is also great for people who value their privacy. Unfortunately, many people get their vehicles repossessed each year.

If you’re one of them and any of the following happened, you might be the victim of an illegal or wrongful repossession.

A breach of the peace occurred

One of the most common reasons a car repossession might be unlawful is because the person trying to take the vehicle breaks the law.  A repossession agent is not allowed to threaten you, force their way into your home or use any kind of violence to procure an automobile.

You’re caught up on payments

Sometimes, a wrongful repossession happens due to a payment-related error. In some cases, a repossession agent will receive a message to collect a vehicle after a customer misses a payment. However, errors can happen that lead to a vehicle getting taken away from a customer who is current on their payments.

Your personal belongings are missing

Repossession agents have certain rules they must follow, one of which involves not taking personal property. If you have a vehicle repossessed and some of your personal belongings are missing from it, you might have a viable wrongful repossession claim.

A lender goes back on payment modifications

To help borrowers, lenders will sometimes allow them to make late payments. Considering that, it can be surprising if you made a late payment and your vehicle got repossessed anyway. If this happens, you might be the victim of a wrongful repossession.

If you need help getting back your vehicle, contacting a lawyer who handles this type of issue and can explain possible legal options is advised.