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Rodent Infestation Suit Against Hendersen-Webb, Inc.

SVO recently filed suit on behalf of our client, Carla Beckford, who was a tenant at the Wellington Gate Apartments in Baltimore. The Complaint against the owner entity and Hendersen-Webb, Inc. alleges that the conditions of the Apartment were deplorable and included a rampant rodent infestation.

The Complaint includes photos of rodent droppings (feces) and incorporates videos of the rodent activity. The night cam videos are available here and here. As described in the Complaint, our client was frightened and sickened by the rodent infestation in her home. She would stay up at night listening to the mice scratch in the walls and run throughout her home.

Screenshot from video
Screenshot of mouse in kitchen from night cam video

A copy of the Complaint is available for review here – Beckford-Complaint-Final-Filed. If you have had similar issues at a Hendersen-Webb, Inc. property, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at 443-782-5596 or via our website. We seek justice on behalf of tenants.