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Thousands of Tenants Receive $102 Checks in Class Action Settlement

On September 6, the Class Administrator in Roberts et al. v. Harbor Group Management Co., et al. (Case No. 24-C-17-00509) mailed out the settlement checks to the tenant class members. The checks are in the amount of $102.58 and class members should be advised that the checks will be void 90 days after the issue date. The Circuit Court for Baltimore City approved the settlement of a class action filed on behalf of current and former tenants of properties managed by Harbor Group Management Co. and Harbor Group Management Co., LLC relating to alleged overcharges for court costs, legal fees or attorneys’ fees in connection with court proceedings for failure to pay rent.

One of the Class Representatives, Rashid Roberts, said about the settlement: “I am thankful that so many tenants will receive reimbursement. It is great to be a part of something that will make a difference for people who might be struggling to make ends meet.”

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