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DarCars pays $66,000 in Settlement for $7,128 Transmission Job

In November 2015, our client, Gina Redman, experienced problems with her 2010 Jeep Wrangler and took it to DarCars, a large dealership group in Silver Spring, Maryland, for repair. DarCars installed a transmission and provided a warranty. When the transmission later failed within the warranty period DarCars refused to fix it, claiming that the problem was the clutch, and denying that it had provided her a warranty. Ms. Redman then took the vehicle to several other mechanics who determined that the transmission, not the clutch, had failed as a result of DarCars’ failure to replace a front seal. DarCars still refused to fix the transmission. Ms. Redman was unable to pay the repair costs of $7,128 and was forced to trade in the Jeep at a loss.

Ms. Redman filed suit against DarCars for negligence, breach of contract, and warranty and consumer protection violations. Trial was scheduled for July 9, 2019. On July 3, 2019, DarCars agreed to pay Ms. Redman $66,000. DarCars offered Ms. Redman more money if she would keep the settlement terms confidential, but Ms. Redman refused the additional “hush funds.”