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Stop Repossession And Get Your Car Back

As a consumer, you have certain rights – even if your car has been repossessed. At Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC, in Baltimore, we are here to help you protect those rights. We may have a way to stop the repossession and recover your vehicle.

About Us

With more than four decades of experience between us, our Towson-based law firm has recovered significant verdicts and settlements in complex consumer actions and personal injury cases. Our top-rated attorneys have earned a reputation for success among our peers.

Don’t File Bankruptcy Yet – Talk To Us First

There are lots of different reasons why a person may fall behind on an auto loan, including costly repairs or loss of employment. Typically, when this happens, the finance company will repossess (“repo”) and then sell your vehicle at an auction.

Talk to us before you go to a bankruptcy attorney. There are specific laws that a finance company must follow when recovering their liabilities. If the finance company does not follow these laws, you may not have to pay anything after the sale of your vehicle.

Reach Out To Us For Car Repo Guidance Today

If you had a car repossession, give us a call or send us an email. We know how to guide you through the process of getting back your car. To schedule an initial consultation with our team, reach us at 443-782-5596 or send our office an email.