A pattern we have seen many times over is that water leaks into condominium units causing damage and mold growth.  This can result in your home being devalued and potentially being declared uninhabitable due to health concerns.  

Condominium Associations in Maryland must maintain, repair and replace the common elements of the condominium.  In many cases, the exterior of the building is considered part of the common elements.  If the roof and outside of the building are not maintained and repaired regularly, the "building envelope" can fail.  When the exterior of the building is no longer water tight, the unit owners can suffer serious consequences.  

Condominium Associations also collect the assessments (monthly and special condo payments) for the community.  The association can also take certain actions against unit owners for failing to pay their monthly or special assessments.  When they do so, they must follow the law.  

If you suspect your association is failing to maintain the building(s), breaking the law or overstepping its authority, let us know.