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Tenant files suit against Housing Authority of Baltimore for wrongful eviction and debt collection violations

Shermika Pittman, a Baltimore City resident, filed suit yesterday against the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) and two of its employees for debt collection violations and wrongful eviction alleging that the Housing Authority, as her landlord, filed a number of Failure to Pay Rent actions (FTPR) when rent had been paid -- relying on false statements; and demanded court costs for the wrongfully filed rent court actions.

In one of the alleged instances, Ms. Pittman was evicted from her home on the basis of a FTPR filed despite her payment of rent and despite her offer to pay the "redemption" amount to remain in her apartment. She was out of her home for nearly three weeks until the District Court ordered that possession be returned to her.  HABC then filed a FTPR against Ms. Pittman averring that the rent was not paid timely despite Ms. Pittman having been wrongfully evicted and out of the apartment when the rent was due.

Ms. Pittman suffered economic and emotional distress for which she is seeking to hold HABC accountable.

She is represented by Matthew Thomas Vocci of Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC. 

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