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How can a debt collector contact you?

Getting into a financial bind means you may have to stop paying one or two accounts until you can get back on better footing. When debt collectors start trying to get you to pay back the money you owe, they must do it according to the law.

Both federal and state laws govern the methods debt collectors may utilize to take action against you, including how and when they contact you.

When can a collector call?

A debt collection agency may call you between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. local time. Outside of this timeframe, a collector must not call or leave messages. Should they do that, they are violating the law.

Who can a debt collector contact?

When you stop answering calls, the debt collector may find other ways to establish contact. The mail is the next logical step in trying to get your attention.

Debt collectors can call anyone associated with you. This includes family members and employers. However, a debt collector may not share any information with these people and can only contact them to get your phone number and address. Anything outside of this limited scope is actionable.

Do you have the right to ask them to stop?

Under the law, you have the right to ask collectors to stop contacting you by phone. This does not mean they will not move forward against you and take legal action, but it does mean that they will not try and call you anymore. You can still receive mail and deliveries from them.

If you have an experience with a collector outside of these parameters, you may want to speak to someone who can help.