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Examine your options when dealing with a lemon

The last thing you want out of a new car is for it to be a hassle. The whole point of a new car is that it has low wear and tear and is reliably not going to break.

It is understandable, then, how frustrating it is to realize you may have bought a lemon from your dealer. As Maryland’s Attorney General points out, there are a lot of steps and options to consider. While this still might feel like a hassle, it is a process that may get you a vehicle worth driving—or at least your money back.

Keep your receipts

When you purchase a new car, you probably hope to purchase peace of mind as well. The moment you suspect your car may be a lemon, be sure to keep track of mileage, damage and any paperwork from repairs you get. This may serve as further evidence in a lemon case.

Contact those responsible

Work with your dealer to get any problems repaired under the warranty and notify the manufacturer in writing with your car’s details. Copies and recordings of your correspondence with both may help further prove your case.

Arbitration and litigation

A dealer or manufacturer may offer a resolution outside of court that does not include repurchasing or replacing your vehicle. If this works for your situation, it remains an option. If their offer does not adequately address your grievance though, you may wish to consider a lemon lawsuit.

Each option requires organization and investigation on your part, but knowing everything you can about the laws, the options and how they affect your situation may help reach a fair solution.