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What happens when repeated repairs are necessary on a new car?

Residents of Towson and nearby areas of Maryland may want to learn more about what the Lemon Law is and how it can help new car buyers. You may have recently bought a car, motorcycle or light truck that’s always in need of repair. Attempts to fix the vehicle have failed. Now what?

The Lemon Law in Maryland

This law applies to those who buy or lease a truck, car or motorcycle from a dealer or manufacturer. The vehicle must have registration in Maryland. In addition, it must have a mileage of less than 18,000 miles. You must also have ownership of less than 24 months.

You do not need to be the first owner of the vehicle. However, it must meet the timing and mileage requirements.

What you need to do

Immediately after spotting a defect, you should write a letter to the manufacturer of the vehicle regarding the defect. You should mail this letter by certified mail to the manufacturer. The manufacturer should correct the defect free of charge within 30 days of receiving your letter.

Replacement or money back

If the dealer can’t fix it after a number of tries, you should get a new vehicle or your money back. You should also be aware of auto dealer fraud and the Lemon Law. When you buy a car, you have the right for it to be free of defects. Here is what the Lemon Law allows:

  • Brake or steering failure – one chance to fix it
  • Defect that impairs market value and use – four chances
  • Out of service for 30 days or more – your money back

If you are facing a car dealer issue, it may be smart to contact an attorney who knows the Lemon Law. An attorney may help you stand up for your rights.