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What car leasing tricks are out there?

Finding a reliable and inexpensive pre-owned vehicle might be difficult, but some Maryland consumers can’t always pass up a deal for a particular model. An outstanding lease special delivers little benefit when the engine won’t start or the transmission won’t shift to reverse. Regrettably, not every used car dealer employs honest practices, leaving the lessee with little choice other than to take legal action.

Other dubious dealership practices

“You get what you pay for” includes added features and helpful perks. Adding costs for roadside assistance and added safety items might be acceptable when accompanied by disclosures. Driving up the lease price with hidden and possibly unnecessary features could be troubling.

Is there an attempt to add months to the lease? Such a practice might seek to lower the monthly payments, but the reduced price may create the perception of a less expensive vehicle. If the dealership hides the added months in the contract, such behavior could be concerning.