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What are the possible outcomes after buying a lemon?

Throughout Maryland, motor vehicles in all shapes, sizes and conditions are available for sale. Unfortunately, certain sellers might try and succeed at selling a car to a customer that the consumer doesn’t know is in bad shape. This situation is otherwise known as selling a lemon, a car with major issues that are difficult to resolve. Here’s more information about what can happen after you buy a lemon.

Full reimbursement

To protect consumers, every state has lemon laws to protect them after they unknowingly bought an automobile with significant problems. If you’re one of these consumers, the best possible outcome is to receive a full lemon law buyback. This type of buyback usually covers:

• Down payments
• Taxes
• Registration fees
• Taxes
• Rental and towing costs

Partial reimbursement

While the lemon law covering auto dealer fraud can lead to you receiving a full reimbursement, this doesn’t always happen. It’s also possible for you to get partial reimbursement. A partial reimbursement deducts the value of the car from the time you drove it until you reported problems with this vehicle. To determine the value of partial reimbursement, someone must perform a mileage offset.

A replacement vehicle

It’s also possible for you to receive a replacement vehicle after buying a lemon. However, lemon laws state that the car you receive must not contain any flaws that qualify this car as a lemon. If this outcome happens, your replacement vehicle must be substantially identical to the one you originally purchased.

In conclusion, several outcomes can occur after you buy a problematic vehicle. Try to avoid settling through arbitration with the other party. They typically have more resources than a consumer when arbitration happens, putting you in a disadvantageous position.