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How many times may a car manufacturer attempt to repair a lemon?

Maryland law allows auto manufacturers four attempts to fix the same defect, non-conformity or condition with your car. However, the details of what’s wrong with your car and how long it’s out of service because of the repair could change the number of attempts they can make.

Out of service

The number of times a manufacturer can attempt to repair a lemon car when it’s out of service in order to fix the car is lower. In Maryland, if your car is out of service because of one or more repair for 30 days during the warranty period, then you might qualify for a refund.

Braking or steering system

Issues related to the braking or steering system also have additional restrictions under Maryland’s auto dealer fraud and lemon law. Manufacturers can make one attempt at repairing your braking or steering system within the warranty period. The repair must bring your car into compliance with Maryland’s motor vehicle safety inspection laws.

Extensions for warranty and out-of-service periods

If there is a natural disaster, flood, fire or strike, the manufacturer can extend your 30-day out-of-service period. Likewise, the law allows an extended warranty under these conditions. War and invasion are other situations in which these extensions can apply.

Unable to repair

When a manufacturer is unable to repair your car in Maryland after a reasonable number of attempts, it must either refund the vehicle or replace it with one of equal value. For refunds, the manufacturer can’t subtract more than 15% of the purchase price to compensate for your use of the car. Your refund includes license fees, registration fees and similar governmental charges.

It’s important to understand the laws surrounding lemon cars to protect yourself and get a refund or replacement as soon as possible. Make sure that you follow the correct process to report defects with your vehicle, too.