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Debt collection harassment help for consumers

When you owe debt and are behind in paying your bills, you may start to get calls from collectors in Maryland requesting repayment for the money you’ve borrowed. Although you may be required to repay the money, there are still laws that debt collectors need to follow. If you want to stop debt collectors from calling, you can request their address to submit a letter requesting that they stop contacting you. You can also speak directly with the collector to attempt to resolve the debt.

How to stop debt collectors from calling

If you’re looking to stop harassment from debt collectors, you can start acting now. Sending a letter to the debt collector is the best way of stopping the phone calls. The collections agency is required to stop the phone calls once they receive your letter.

This doesn’t get rid of the debt, though, and the collections agency can still file a lawsuit if you fail to repay the money that you’ve borrowed. The collector can still contact you to notify you that they’ll no longer be calling you. They can also reach out to inform you that they’re pursuing legal action. When receiving phone calls, the collector can only contact you between the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If a debt collector refuses to stop contacting you, you might need more information about debt collection harassment help for consumers. An attorney may inform you of your rights and put a stop to collectors’ phone calls even if you have an outstanding balance and accumulated debt. A legal professional may help you take the necessary action to deal with debt collectors if you’re being harassed.