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After the Accident – Obtaining Compensation for Your Car’s Diminished Value

Once our clients have had a chance to come to grips with the fact that they’ve just been in a car accident and have seen to their medical treatment, the next question they usually have if their vehicle can be repaired is whether they can get compensation for their car’s decrease in value now that it has been in an accident.  This is called a “diminution of value” claim, and is certainly worth pursuing if there has been a substantial amount  of damage done to a new or relatively new vehicle.

How to Make a Diminution of Value Claim

You will need to have the car inspected after it is repaired by someone who has experience in making diminished value determinations.  Generally, the fee for this service is not very high and they should write a report for you. You can use this report when negotiating with the insurance company.

Our firm has been successful in obtaining thousands of dollars for our clients in their diminution of value claims.*

If you have been in a car accident and need help making a diminution of value claim, contact us at 443-921-8161.

*Results obtained in past cases do not guarantee or predict outcomes in future cases. Every case is different.