Two Maryland residents filed a class action lawsuit today, challenging Westminster Management, LLC’s alleged practice of charging its tenants excessive, illegal fees. The lawsuit contends that Westminster Management, LLC, JK2 Westminster, LLC, Dutch Village, LLC, and Carroll Park Holdings, LLC (collectively “Westminster”) charge tenants excessive, illegal fees, regularly misapply tenants’ subsequent payments in part to the illegal fees, and then deem the next rent
payments “late” to justify additional excessive fees. Westminster demands payment of these improper fees under threat of eviction.

“The routine practice of charging tenants illegal fees combined with filing eviction proceedings against tenants who have paid their rent on time is predatory and destructive to hard-working Marylanders and their families. This is yet another example of corporations profiting from deceptive policies,” said Chelsea Ortega of Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC. “Santoni, Vocci & Ortega is proud to partner with the Public Justice Center and Brown, Goldstein & Levy to represent tenants harmed by Westminster’s practices.”

A copy of the Complaint is available here.

The press release is available here.